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Art Feature: Mysterious Objects

Are you familiar with the term McGuffin? It’s an object in a story that serves as the driving force behind the action. It may not always be clear why the character(s) want the McGuffin but they do and they are often willing to go to great lengths to obtain it.

For this month’s Art Feature, I found an assortment of objects. Each one is unique and beautiful. This time, along with the image, I will include a prompt in which the object is central to the plot.

White Green Rose Glass Pendant

This pendant by Lithomancyglass, is made from borosilicate glass. It’s a charming little piece and Lithomancyglass’s page is filled with many  more.

When I saw this I thought the flower looked trapped. My prompt for this one is to write a story where the antagonist is using magic to trap something in glass and then wear it around like a fashion accessory. Perhaps they want to control the elements, have found a way to encase the essence of each, fire, water, earth etc. Or maybe they are trapping magical creatures or something unique to your world.

Glowing Star Necklace

This unique necklace is by Moony of CraftingtheVoid. It is made with a proprietary blend of glow-in-the-dark sand and special glitter to give it the fun, entrancing appearance that caught my eye. You can see more of work by CraftingtheVoid on DeviantArt at the link above or you can pick one up for yourself on the Etsy shop.

The natural question when encountering a glowing object is, why is it glowing? For this prompt give this vial a reason to glow, one that makes everyone want it for themselves.

Forest Mossy Crescent Pendant

This hand-sculpted pendant by JarviTiralin is made of polymer clay and crushed seashells. You can find more creations by JarviTiralin at this Etsy shop.

My first impression of this pendant made me think of a miniature world. I thought it looked like a shrunken island or some other little landscape. I’ll admit my next thought went to Men in Black, the original. Then I thought of Incarceron, a great YA novel that I recommend. So, What kind of tiny world is this? Is in inhabited? Do the inhabitants know they live on a tiny object? Who carries it and why?

Nordic Inspired Book

KioKrafts created this hard cover book. The design on the cover is fascinating and I would love to run my hand over it.

How many great stories revolve around books? Secret books, lost books, indecipherable books, there are so many versions. But there’s always room for one more. Write a story about a character who realizes someone stowed a book somewhere in their belongings. Now they need to find out what this book is, who it’s from, and why everyone wants it so badly.

This lovely lamp was grown and crafted by GorgeousGourds. The gourd was grown in the English countryside and took a year to go from seed to finished product. The wood base is Acacia wood. You can find more at the DeviantArt link above or at their website.

So far, the objects I’ve shown you have all had a magical quality to them. A lamp is a commonplace item though, isn’t it? Isn’t it? Try writing a story where a seemingly innocuous item has some property that makes it special, coveted, or dangerous.

Geometric Swirl Gourd Lamp

Mini Serpent Dragon Egg

Apolline handcrafted this little guy from polymer clay with a focus on texture and details. The shimmery paints add a wonderful quality that makes you want to touch it. Check out more at the Etsy shop.

Dragons. I wonder if there are more stories about books or dragons. In any case, I think there should be at least one more. Specifically, a dragon egg. I can think of half a dozen reasons off the top of my head why people might fight over a dragon egg. What can you come up with?

Stone Keeper


This beautiful cat was carved from an avocado seed, meaning it’s very small, only 3.2cm. Ridira described it as “A cat keeper of the forest stone.” That’s perfect. She has many more pendants and other art on the DeviantArt page that you should check out.

The prompt for this one is simple, imagine this pendant can come to life to aid the person wearing it, whether good or evil.

Feeling Inspired?

Go, now. Make your own story or art. Feel free to link back to it in the comments so we can keep the inspiration going!

Meanwhile, I’m going to refrain from clearing out all these Etsy shops.

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