Welcome to Quixotic Quill: A Blog about Stories

Welcome to Quixotic Quill! This is a blog about stories and writing inspiration. The aim is a whimsical, imaginative fiction that uses imagery and emotions as its driving force.

About the Blog

Many readers want to know where writers get their ideas. The truth is…so do the writers! Seriously though, it’s a lot like playing the word association game with life. You hear or see something that makes you think of something else and then you put it with another thing you randomly thought of and voila! A story is born. My goal is to share some of this process and get some practice in at the same time.

I will start the week by choosing an article that piques my interest, usually something about history, art or archaeology, and then I will use it to inspire a story. I’ll break down my thought process and the many things that came to mind while reading. On Wednesday, I’ll take a break and share something I enjoyed, a book, movie, artist or the like. Then, I’ll end the week by sharing the story I wrote based on the article from Monday. I’m hoping that this system will keep me motivated, keep me working, and keep me sharing my work.

About Myself

Perhaps I should tell you more about myself. My story is much like that of other aspiring writers. My youth was spent avidly reading and writing down snippets of my own stories. As far back as I can remember I wanted to be an author. As I grew though, I let the more practical influences in my life steer me toward more practical paths. I compromised and studied history and art history. Drawn to the stories, I planned on someday being a professor so I could spend my days sharing those tales with new generations of students. Many years and trials later, I chose not to finish my graduate work and found myself working office jobs.

Enter the resurgence of my passion for writing. Not only is this a way for me to get out of the crowded office life my introverted self would rather avoid, but it is a way for me to blossom as a storyteller and hopefully, bring some measure of joy to the lives of others. I have many projects underway currently, including a fantasy novel that was inspired by the myth of Hercules. Followers of this blog will be the first to hear about that when it’s done. And probably before it’s done too.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey as I discover things about writing, storytelling, and myself.

Stay tuned for the first article post tomorrow. (I just had to post this welcome letter today and take advantage of all the metaphors and omens associated with beginning on April Fool’s Day.) Let me know in the comments if you’ve recently started sharing your work.

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