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    Recommendation: Mysterium

    Good Morning! For my second recommendation, I am going to show you that here at Quixotic Quill, we like to mix it up. I was debating whether to tell you about one of my favorite authors, or one of my favorite artists, or the book I’m reading but then…I got a game. My family is one of those strange ones that mostly gets along pretty well. And we love to play board games. My mom prefers the cooperative and team based ones to the games that pit us against each other in what turns into an epic battle to test the strength of our familial bonds. To be fair, I’m…

  • Skull

    Spirit of Discovery

    The darkness was part of him. Akhilleus could barely remember a time before the darkness. He knew in his bones, now all that remained of him, that there was something before the darkness, but now that life was but a pebble in the river of time that designated his existence. So now, as the darkness began slowly to lift, he was forced to wonder if he faced the end of that river. Some unknown end to existence itself. But he did not fear. The darkness had erased any ability to fear from him. While he might not fear he did feel a certain…apprehension. He did not know if this new…