• Inspiration

    The Gift of NaNoWriMo

    With Camp NaNoWriMo approaching many are gearing up for another month of turning their writing up to eleven. Others however, are on the fence or don’t see the point. I’ve done NaNo for four years now, mostly November, and this last year is the only one I’ve won.  This time, I realized something about the NaNo that has really helped my writing as a whole. As early as September you start to see the posts and find the articles about NaNoWriMo and all it has to offer, as well as reasons that it’s a not worth it. I have my own complaints about the process too, but there are some…

  • Writing Tips

    How to Make Your Setting a Character

    The setting of your story should be dynamic enough that it acts as its own character. By forcing your protagonist to consider elements of the setting when making decisions, you fill your your world and create a more compelling story.