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Art Feature: Spring!

I am very excited to share my first art feature. I studied art history in grad school and have been looking for a way to get it back into my life. While this isn’t the kind of art I typically studied, it is all beautiful and inspiring. 

I found all of these pieces on DeviantArt and I tried to select a variety of styles and mediums. 

In the Grass
In the Grass by Rarrie

I chose this piece because I could just hear her harrumph about something we can’t see. The possibilities immediately began dancing through my mind. 

The soft colors and sketch-like feel of the image make it perfect for spring. It’s the kind of portrait that stories are made from. You get setting, personality, and tone.

If you would like to see more of Rarrie’s work go take a look at her new page on DeviantArt.

Make a Wish
Make a Wish by Runningwithxactos

This piece is so unique. I know it’s not quite time for the puffy dandelions but I just had to include it. Plus, you don’t get flowers without seeds, right?

This floating embroidery is a fun medium. I encourage you to check out the other peices by Runningwithxactos on DeviantArt or go straight to her Etsy shop where you can pick up this piece!

Glowing Coral Spires by Selestial-Princess

This watercolor by Selesital-Princess reminded me of a cityscape at sunrise. The colors evoke a spring feeling yet the layers give a sense of mystery. It’s the kind of mystery you get excited about. There is hope in this painting and spring is a good time for renewed hope.

If you like this work you can see more by Selestial-Princess on DeviantArt or check out her Patreon page to support her.

Feeling Inspired?

Hopefully something in these images has inspired you in some way. Whether you needed something beautifyl in your day or youre ready to make your own art, I hope these brought you some joy.

Want some homework? Use one of these images to write a little something. It doesn’t have to be a full story, a description or scenario would do. Just get the creative juices flowing. Share what you wrote in the comments or link back to it on your site. I’ll see what I can come up with and do the same!

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